The Farm - Villa le Piazzole
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The Farm

Ancient topographic representations show the lands surrounding Villa Le Piazzole well cultivated with olive groves and vineyards. After a long period of abandonment, the passionate work of the owner brought them back to their splendour, producing high quality wine and extra virgin olive oil. The results have rewarded the owners’ commitment by confirming the vocation of this land by delivering products that exceeded expectations. Our wines and olive oil are at the highest levels of quality, as confirmed by laboratory analysis, expert appreciation and loyal customers from every corner of the word.

The winery of Villa Le Piazzole offers our guests the opportunity to taste and buy directly these outstanding products. They are all certified by chemical analysis and the tasting can be performed in the “Cellar of the Tower” or, during the good season, under the Loggia or in the pool area overlooking the gorgeous panorama of the Certosa.

Our Products

The Farm is located on a land that is geologically referable to the formation of “Pietraforte”, the typical Florentine stone extracted since remote times and with which the façade of some of the most beautiful buildings of the City are made (few hundred meters from the Villa is still visible the ancient quarry of Monteripaldi). The water needed in large quantities for the farming processes is ensured by a well that was built in 2002, thanks to a research carried out by geologists and geophysicists, drawing water from an artesian aquifer deeply located within this geological formation. The same geologists are working in the countries of the South of the World through Acquifera (, an association dedicated to bring water wherever there are problems related to its scarcity or there are conditions of precariousness and unhealthiness of its sources.