The Gardens - Villa le Piazzole
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The Gardens


The two gardens of the Villa, a real rarity in their kind, are kept in perfect conditions and fully enjoyable in every season by the Staff of Le Piazzole. The main one, in front of the rear façade of the Villa, is a large eighteenth-century Italian formal garden, whose green hedges divide the spaces following a pre-ordered geometric design. Along the central avenue and at the crossroads of the lateral smaller ones, you find original statues representing the characters and masks of the Regional Comedy of Art. The shapes of the hedges, the statues, and the two tall and austere cypresses make this place highly scenic, offering a unique background to realize outstanding photos and videos of your ceremonies and events. The second garden, smaller and named “Secret Garden”, is a shady and intimate space specifically created for private moments of relaxation. Its gloomy lawn, the rare and scented plants and the huge cedar of Lebanon, makes it a rare jewel desired by our affectionate guests.